About the
Culinary Historians
of San Diego

Louis Le Nain, “Famille de paysans dans un intérieur,” 1642.


The mission of the Culinary Historians of San Diego (CHSD) is to provide the public with a history of food and drink and their roles in society, both locally and worldwide. The academic combines with the popular to have broad appeal to food enthusiasts. Join us today!

Free, monthly presentations are open to all, and followed by refreshments and a meet-and-greet with the presenter. Membership in this non-profit organization supports both CHSD activities and the culinary collection of the San Diego Public Library.

Donations to the San Diego Central Library’s Culinary Department

Modernist Bread by Nathan Myhrvold
Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold

The Aviary Cocktail Book by Hemberger, Milton, Kokonas, Achatz
The California Farm Cookbook by Kitty Morse
Chop Suey USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America by Yong Chen
Dali: Les Diners de Gala by Salvatore Dali Translated by Captain J. Peter Moore
A Feast for the Eyes by Carolyn Tillie
Food in the Air and Space by Richard Foss
The French Laundry by Thomas Keller
Ninety Years Of Classic San Diego Tiki, 1928-2018 by Martin S. Lindsay
Pomegranates and Saffron by Feride Buyuran
Rum: A Global History by Richard Foss

The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria by Ferran Adria
A History of the Food of Paris: From Roast Mammoth to Steak Frites by Jim Chevallier
To Live and Dine in L.A. by Josh Kun
Modern Kosher: Global Flavors, New Traditions by Michael Aaron Gardiner
The Origins of Cooking: Paleolithic and Neolithic Cooking by Ferran Adria
Oyster: A Global History by Carolyn Tillie
The Photography of Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold
The Province Cookbook by Patricia Wells
Wine and the White House: A History by Frederick J. Ryan Jr.


At the Culinary Historians of San Diego Board of Directors Meeting on November 1, 2021, a Nominating Committee presented the slate of proposed officers for 2022, as per CHSD corporation by-laws, Article V, Section 1: Officers, and Article V, Section 2: Election and Term of Office. The election will be held at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors at 5 pm PST on Monday, December 6, 2021. At this time. there is a vacancy for the position of Treasurer.

Proposed Officers for 2022
Chair: Martin S. Lindsay
Vice Chair: Julie Bendig
Secretary: Ron Eisenberg
Treasurer: TBD


Martin S. Lindsay
Chair / Website

Barbara Petersen

Julie Bendig
Vice Chair / Membership

Sharon Klug

Ron Eisenberg


Dan Parks

Marilyn Marx
*Founder / Chair Emeritus