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Dear Friends,

As we begin a new year, there’s a fundamental truth that gives us hope — that together we can do extraordinary things. Over the past few months, the entire world has been coming together to stand up, help out, give back, and heal. Whether that’s through donations to community organizations, celebrating first responders, or reaching out to a neighbor to help with groceries, generosity is helping the world get through this global pandemic. Together.

As you may know, our organization is all about how food has — and always will — bring people together. It affects all facets of life, culture, and history. The Culinary Historians of San Diego provide free public lectures, charitable contributions to the San Diego Public Library, member events, and field trips. In order to continue providing these educational and charitable services, we rely on donations from membership and sponsorships. Membership is easy! And if you’d like to sponsor a lecture, speaker, or event, let us know! Please tell your friends and family why you believe in our work and encourage them to support us too.

You can donate online here, or by mail. Please make checks payable to Culinary Historians of San Diego, and remit to CHSD, 2018 C Street, San Diego, CA 92102.

Thank you for your generosity. Please have a safe and healthy New Year, and thank you for being part of our family.

All the Best,
Martin S. Lindsay, Board Chair
The Culinary Historians of San Diego


How You Can Help:

Donate to Culinary
Historians of San Diego

Support helps Culinary Historians of San Diego continue to bring informative presentations and online experiences to the public and benefits the San Diego Public Library.

Or Donate By Mail

Please make checks payable to:
Culinary Historians of San Diego
2018 C Street
San Diego, CA 92102

Culinary Historians of San Diego (CHSD) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Most gifts are 100 percent deductible as a charitable contribution under Federal and State income tax laws. Please consult your individual tax advisor to determine how much of your contribution is deductible.

Your membership dues make CHSD educational presentations possible and benefit the culinary collection of the San Diego Public Library. CHSD works with but is not affiliated with, the San Diego Public Library and the San Diego Public Library Foundation.